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How are You Expanding Your Knowledge?

Quilt Market gives shop owners the opportunity to learn from a variety of instructors. The line-up of classes might give you ideas for new techniques to teach in the store or ways to create displays or longterm planning for your store. AQR wants to help you expand your knowledge. We’ll be presenting three Schoolhouse events, as well as, several of our contributors will be teaching classes. I recently asked Georganne Bender of Kizer and Bender to share with me what classes they are teaching and what you can expect. Here’s her response:

We are doing three programs at Quilt Market this fall; and all three are designed to help retailers thrill their customers, drive their competition crazy, and put more money in their pockets!

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR RETAILERS is a must for every attendee at Quilt Market. Keeping up with the changes to social medias is almost a full time job! We don’t just talk about what’s important in social networking, we show you how to do it, along with strategies to help you build a strong fan following. We’ll cover Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Attendees will leave this seminar armed with practical, real-world social media techniques they can use right away.

In DIGITAL IN DIAPERS: TARGETING THE MILLENNIALS & GENERATION Z we’ll share strategies to help you understand these two “new” generations, their personalities, the events that shaped them, things that motivate them, and most importantly, what’s required to connect with them in person and online. Millennials and Zeds are so different than Baby Boomers and Generations Z – they will require us to learn to do business on their terms. It’s important information every retailer needs to know.

One of the things many retailers neglect is the “lake front property”, the important selling areas of their sales floor. We’re not just retail strategists, we’re professional store planners. Our presentation, WHAT REALLY HAPPENS ON YOUR SALES FLOOR: HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE SHOPPER’S JOURNEY is the next best thing to bringing us to your store. We take you from the parking lot to the back door and every space in between. We’ll share how to set your sales floor to sell – and what retailer doesn’t want their product to sell itself?

Thanks for that information Georganne. We hope everyone visits Quilts Inc and signs up for both Schoolhouse and other classes today!

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