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An Ode to Mothers

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, we thought we would take a moment to thank and appreciate mother’s every where.

Mothers are an integral part of the quilting industry. We work with mothers, sell to mothers, and are mothers.

Mothers walk into our stores every day with their children and grandchildren; planting the seed for a love of crafting.

They purchase our goods and create memories that will be looked back on with love, appreciation, and nostalgia. And one day, those children and grandchildren will return to our stores with their own children to create those same memories with the new loved one in their life.

Nobody ever said that motherhood would be easy; we all work with a mother and some days seem smoother than others. But I’m sure none of us would have it any other way.

Take some time this Mother’s Day to thank the mothers that come into your store. Be mindful of those whose maternal situation isn’t what it ought to be; and show them the motherly love they deserve.

No act is too small, even if you don’t have a Mother’s Day sale going on simply make a sign to display in your store. Find some product that would be good as a set, and use it as that week’s mothers day gift. Or buy some special wrapping paper and wrap any mother’s purchase in it to add just a little more color in their life.

Thanks again to mother’s everywhere, and take some time for yourself today—you’ve earned it.

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