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Crafts for Fall

Halloween is just around the corner, and with how quickly this summer went by, it’s not a bad idea to start on your fall crafts (if you haven’t already). Here are some ideas to get your store ready.

Craft Ideas

  1. Pumpkin pin cushions. Turn this into an event or make some during your down time to throw around the store (you can even sell some of what you make). Check out this tutorial from YouTube to get a free step-by-step guide.
  2. Costume area. Take some of the tulle from the fabric area and move it to a special area just for making costumes. Also include a lot of orange, black, and seasonal fabrics. Throwing in some costume patterns wouldn’t hurt either.
  3. Window display. Freshen up your window display with easy projects. Paint pumpkins, pine cones, and include baskets of apples for easy options.
  4. Wreaths. Wreaths are becoming decorating options year round, but take full force in the Fall. Practice for the holiday season with leaf, scarecrow, or acorn-themed wreaths. This could also be part of your crafting event, or just something else to add to your window display.
  5. Flower arrangement. Order a Fall-themed flower arrangement from your local flower store to keep at the checkout counter. Not only will your customers enjoy the personal touch, but you will too.

People just can’t seem to get enough of Fall—the flavors, the activities, and the colors. Make sure your store capitalizes on this season with these quick and easy ideas.

Does your store have any fall traditions? Comment below what your team does to make the most of America’s favorite season.

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