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How to get out of that business rut

Nobody ever said being a business owner would be easy.

But nobody ever mentioned that chasing a dream would mean constantly feeling overwhelmed either. Being crunched on time seems to lead to a never-ending cycle of stress and haste.

When taking a step back is too detrimental after years of hard work, follow these steps to get your business back on track.

Reflect on past mistakes

Regret can prevent progress, so instead of asking what went wrong, transform the thought into something positive. For instance, instead of asking why you didn’t get the sale, think of how you got the customer into your store. Then reflect on what you can do differently to seal the deal the next time a potential customer comes around.


Identify the problem

If you feel you can’t get your business out of a rut, try to identify what got you there in the first place. If it’s your busy schedule, reflect on how you can make some more time for yourself. Whether you schedule time for mindfulness into your day, or contact the local high school home economics teacher to see if students would be interested in volunteering to help with projects, make a plan to give yourself some breathing room and go after it.

identify the problem

Set goals

Speaking of planning, set attainable goals for yourself. Follow the SMART outline when establishing your goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, results focused, and time bound. For instance, instead of having the goal of “increase Instagram followers,” convert that goal to “increase Instagram followers by at least 10 a week for the next four weeks,” and create a spreadsheet to keep track of the data. At the end of the four weeks, revisit your goal, and reevaluate.

pen and paper

Keep the dream in sight

While you’re planning your way to taking your business to the next level, don’t forget to keep your dream in sight. Write down why you’re doing what you’re doing and put it in a place you will see often. Use it as motivation to plan the next goal, or to avoid getting in another rut. Remember, not everyone gets to live their dream, so make sure to keep yours enjoyable.

reach for the stars

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