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The Wonderful World of Video

Social media can be intimidating enough, but the thought of video can make the task seem even more daunting. Even though it’s not easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it; read these tips to find out why outsourcing your videos is not always the best idea.

  1. The best way to learn something is by doing it yourself. It’s okay if your metrics on your first video post don’t compare with the rest of your social’s engagement – social media is learning by trial and error, which is something that should excite creatives!
  2. Nobody knows your brand more than you. Think of your brand as your own creation, you wouldn’t want to give someone else your hard earned curation to take a chance on, would you? Keeping videos in house means the style and voice remains consistent.
  3. Everyone feels uncomfortable in front of the camera. If I could explain why the second a camera is in front of my face I start second guessing every move I make I would, but since I can’t all I can say is practice really does make perfect. Give it some time and the process will begin to feel more natural.
  4. Outsourcing videos can often have a low return on investment. This is especially true if you’re just starting to experiment with them. Having a high quality video but not knowing what content people like to see is the easiest way to see your hard earned dollars go down the drain.
  5. If you’re struggling on content just remember that if you can’t come up with ideas, the people you hire to make a video will lack inspiration for ideas from you as well. Think about the last video you watched or searched for, then look around your store. With how much product you have, chances are there is something worth making a video about.

Like all other technology, cameras seem to get smaller and smaller. If you’re experienced, editing footage is easy, if you’re not the process may take a little longer. But if you start to learn it now, you’ll be a professional by the time every phone has the power to take high quality video (and finally ahead of the game).

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