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Inspiring the Next Generation

Next Generation

How can quilters inspire the next generation?

When I started thinking about this topic I imagined kids, young girls (or boys) around eight to 14 who like to spend time with grandma and want to learn some of the things grandma can do.

As I started researching this project, I soon found out my idea of the “next generation” needed to be much broader.

As it turns out, many young people—think ages eight to late 20s—want to learn how to quilt but don’t know how to start.

Young Adults

There are many obstacles preventing these young adults from taking the next step; they don’t have access to a sewing machine, they weren’t introduced to the craft until they received a baby blanket for their first child, etc.

But there are many ways quilt retailers can help. Having classes where everyone is a beginner is a good place to start.

Also reaching out to this audience where they already are is a good idea. This social media-saavy demographic can even help you, if you don’t feel comfortable with Instagram take a poll at one of your events to find out what content your audience would like to see, then cater to that. As with anything, the more you use something, the easier it will become.


As for youth, it turns out classes are a good way to reach them too. Consider having a mother/daughter event that goes over the basics of sewing, and have easy projects so attendees can leave feeling accomplished.

The DIY industry is bigger than ever, it’s just up to us to tap into new talent.

Leave a comment below of your favorite children-inspired or quilting for beginners products and media.

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