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Pets in the Workplace

Pets at work

Pets in the workplace; yay or nay?

As of 2015, eight percent of workplaces allowed employees to bring their pet to work, a three percent increase from 2013. More recent numbers haven’t been released, but with prominent companies like Google and Amazon allowing employees to bring their furry companions, I’m sure that number has grown.

Benefits of Pets

Does your shop have a pet? If it doesn’t, you may want to reconsider.

According to this research, dog-friendly workplaces had less rates of absenteeism and higher productivity. They even reduce stress among pet-owning employees and are said to make a workplace more friendly.

Allowing a pet at work is not only a cheap wellness option (pets lower blood pressure), but could also come in handy when recruiting new hires too.


Of course, there are many variables to take into consideration including allergies and checking with the landlord if you don’t own your building.

Other risks might be jeopardizing new business if your customers don’t like pets at work, or unforeseen risks.

To minimize these risks, make sure pets have fully updated vaccinations, maintain good hygiene, introduce them to the workplace slowly, and inform staff of dietary restrictions and needs.


Be sure to do your due diligence. What pets are allowed? Where are they allowed? Should you pet owners sign a waiver?

Ask around at other local businesses that include pets and think how your business compares. What do customers think? How long have the pets been around? What problems have they had?

What is your opinion on furry friends in the workplace? Leave a comment below to weigh in on the conversation.

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