Flying Geese Methods


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Here we show several methods for making Flying Geese units using a ruler, rotary cutter, pencil, and sewing machine. Many products on the market, such as specialty rulers and paper piecing patterns, help take the guesswork out of and put accuracy in sewing Flying Geese units. Each quilter has her favorite methods, but it’s worth experimenting with another way or another product to achieve the accuracy of perfectly sized Flying Geese.

In this reference, we’ve grouped the methods according to how many Flying Geese units are made at one time. With specialty products, the user selects how many Flying Geese units to make at one time using the desired number of printed patterns.

Use the desired finished size of Flying Geese unit as the base for figuring what size pieces to cut.

If you know what size finished Flying Geese unit you want to make, you can use our handy reference charts on the next three pages for cutting the two sizes of triangles used in Method #1, the size of rectangle and squares used in Method #2, and the sizes of squares used in Method #3 that follow. If you are making a size that is not included here, the cutting formula for each method is given in the respective section.


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