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Re-Opening: What have we learned?


To wrap up our re-opening series, we thought we’d conclude with some reflection. And upon reflecting, we kept coming back to one word: appreciation.

The impact of COVID-19 is far from over, and as we re-integrate back into society we will be learning a new normal. We appreciate the lives we had. We appreciate and understand community in a new light. And, we have a new appreciation for our work.

How community has changed

Community has taken on a new meaning. During this time, community means staying away. Community means learning new technology to stay in touch with those you loved.

One thing we’ve noticed through staying in touch digitally are the new routines. At the end of virtual classes or quilt-alongs, do you leave time for sharing? Time for friendly faces to take the screen wearing their familiar smiles? That sort of community seems to make things feel normal again.

A new appreciation for work

All of us have had the confirmation during this pandemic of what we already knew; quilters are essential workers. How many masks have you made? What (or who) are you thinking of while you’re making those masks? How many frontline workers are made safer because of the skills you have and the effort you put in?

As you think about those “when this is all over I’m going to…” ideas, also try to think about what sort of lessons you’re going to take with you. There’s no feeling quite like lending a hand during a time of need.

American Quilt Retailer sees the work that you’ve done and feels the stress of what you’re going through. We will continue to be as much of a resource to you every step of the way.

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