Creative Retailer: August 2023 Issue

My family, which includes a long line of teachers, always stressed learning. Not just during the informative school years, but every day of our lives.

I learn best while I’m doing. If I need to learn how to use a new report in my POS system, I’ll start by watching a tutorial or reading some instructions. But diving in and trying to actually run the report will teach me the most. I rarely get something right on the first try, but through the process of doing it, I learn how a filter changes the results, or how I can manipulate something to better understand the data.

Nearly every aspect of running a business is a lifelong learning process. I enjoy reading books, watching videos and attending classes on finances, marketing, staffing and general attitude issues related to moving my business forward. Then I turn to my business and implement what I’ve learned. With trial and error, I usually find something that works and changes the direction of my store in a positive trajectory.

After listening to speakers at h+h americas (see our recap on page 14), I returned home with new insight on incorporating creativity into my store, Hen & Chicks Studio. The ideas community and collaboration were often discussed, encouraging us to find creative ways to work together as shop owners to improve our businesses and to strengthen ties between our shops and our communities.

Feedback on what you learn from the articles in this magazine and how you’re incorporating the information into your store would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to set up a time to chat over the
phone or via email. Send me an email at and let’s schedule something.

Table of Contents

  • 5 Love Languages of Retail
  • Preventing Shoplifting: The Analog Version
  • Trade Show Tell-All!
  • Switch to Good Lighting
  • More Than a Day at the Beach
  • Hot Picks
  • Materials Matter
  • Promoting Your Special Event
  • Events, Festivals and Holidays
  • Trademarking Your Brand
  • Online Education

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