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The Grace Company Adds New 21-Inch Pro Machine to Its Line of Longarm Quilters

The Grace Company is unveiling a premium machine that will make it easier for experienced quilters to venture into the arena of professional quilt-making. The new Q’nique 21 Pro is a substantial step above domestic and mid-arm machines.

The Q’nique 21 Pro features significant improvements, including: increased stitching speed, reduced vibration, and simplified user operation. Combined with the light bar and automation, a customer can tailor their professional quilting system to their preferences, for everything from free-motion to fully automated quilting. Grace offers it all together with special package pricing.

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“In developing the Qnique 21 Pro, we had our engineers focus on making the machine stitch faster than any other machine in our product line, without sacrificing the quality of stitch or increasing vibration,” Director of Operations Eddie Abbe said. “By changing some of the materials we were using on critical internal components and focusing on tightening tolerances in specific areas, we were actually able to reduce noise and vibration while increasing the maximum speed of the machine over 40%.”

“I was amazed at how smooth and quiet it was to quilt with,” Karla Gerome, Quilter and Grace Company Educator said. “The control as well as the stitch quality made my quilting look great. I love, love, LOVE our Q’nique 21 Pro, and I am proud to say it was Made by Grace!”

The Q’nique 21 Pro features built-in stitch regulation, controls for stitch length and speed, a stitch rate up to 2600 stitches per minute, a five-inch touch screen, and built in bobbin winder. This machine is an exciting and affordable option for those who want to get more serious about quilting.


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