2020 Market Blue Bag: Gammill

With thousands and thousands of patterns available on the Internet, browsing, searching, buying, and organizing patterns can leave quilters in need of a simple management solution. Gammill’s PatternCloud™ is a free service that integrates with both the Gammill Elevate and CreativeStudio® software.

With the PatternCloud, you can:

  • Organize your patterns by designer, type, tags, and more.
  • Maintain a secure backup of your pattern library.
  • Browse, search, and purchase new patterns from designers.
  • Access patterns from another location, such as your stand alone mode laptop.

The PatternCloud can be used with either the Gammill Elevate or Statler computerized quilting systems.

The Elevate is Gammill’s introductory level computerized system that allows you to quickly place, edit and quilt edge-to-edge and block patterns. The Elevate comes with more than 500 free patterns available for download from the PatternCloud. Plus, use Gammill’s CreativeStudio software in stand alone mode to edit or create new patterns that you can instantly sync to your Elevate tablet using the PatternCloud.

The Statler is Gammill’s advanced computerized system that utilizes the advanced CreativeStuido software to design, place, edit and customize patterns.  Demo CreativeStudio 7.1 on your home computer. The software is free to try all the options and possibilities.  You can also explore the PatternCloud with a free account.

For more information, visit Gammill.com or PatternCloud.com.