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Hen & Chicks Studio

Open for Business: Hen and Chicks Studio

Let us introduce you to this week’s Open for Business featured shop.
Shop: Hen & Chicks Studio
Owner: Heidi Kaisand
Location: 101 N. Main St., Conrad, Iowa; Conrad population is 1100
Phone: 641-366-3336
Facebook: /henandchicksstudio
Instagram: /henandchicksstudio
Years in Business: 6 (October 2011)
Services: quilting and scrapbooking supplies, longarm machine rental, fully-equipped retreat center

Hen and Chicks Studio logo

Owner Heidi Kaisand outside of Hen and Chicks Studio
AQR: What does a customer see first when they come into your store? How often does that change?

Fat quarters in an old display unitKaisand: Because we own a large old building, the first thing customers often comment on is the “Wow” factor of the tall ceilings and the color that jumps out at them. It’s wonderful to get the impact of that large space and for the customer to be able to really see the quilts. We only change the quilts on the walls 2-3 times a year. There are several reasons for that. First, it’s labor intensive getting the ladder up and we end up having to move so much furniture on the floor in order to get where we need to be. It’s wonderful because we do deep cleaning on a regular basis! Second, our customers have so much to look at when they come in the store, they don’t often even see all the quilts in one visit. And, third, but often a huge factor, is the cost that is involved in making those quilts. I need to get the most out of every sample we make, from fabric sales to pattern sales. Continue reading Hen & Chicks Studio