American Quilt Retailer: October 2020 Issue

Working in the quilt industry for nearly 30 years, I have developed ties to many people, including designers, manufacturers and shop owners. Some I’ve worked alongside, others I’ve worked for, and still others I’ve admired from afar. We are all woven together, some with visible threads and some invisible.

As publisher of American Quilt Retailer magazine, I keep pushing to make those ties stronger—between myself and those companies and individuals, and also importantly between you and them. As 2020 nears its close trailing a long list of strange happenings, I also have noted a long list of amazing growth and changes from companies and stores. Keeping that momentum moving forward is our goal for you, and we’ve created the AQR Academy as a tool to help.

AQR Academy will be our signature umbrella to encompass more education and inspiration for our industry. Under that umbrella, you’ll find virtual classes, workshops, networking and numerous opportunities to stretch yourself and extend your business to where you want to be.

“Invisible You can learn more about our first event on page 38, and we have more in the works.

My son is in the middle of cross- country season, which means I often can be found running around the course at a meet yelling encouragement. At every opportunity, I call out things like: You’ve got this. Push through the pain. Fight for it. Don’t let them pass you. Keep your eye on the guy in front of you. Don’t look back. Eyes up. Use your arms.

I have similar thoughts for each of you. Even though you might be excited and loving what you’re doing, you’re also weary and tired. Know that I’m on the sidelines, running from here to there cheering you on to the end of 2020.You’ve got this.

In This Issue

  • From the Editor
  • The Art of Pivoting: Flexibility is key to success.
  • Is Business Stress Ruining Your Life?: Create balance in your life.
  • Connecting Through Quarantine: A pandemic was the perfect time to try something new and di erent.
  • Checking In…: Designers share insight to a year filled with challenges.
  • You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Network to know more.
  • Play Big!: Apply strategies from big companies to your small business.
  • Materials Matter: Shop for fabrics that will make a splash in your store.
  • AQR Academy: Not to miss! Our first-ever virtual networking and education event.
  • Ring in the Season: Drive holiday sales up to finish the year strong.
  • Social Media Magic in 5 Minutes: A little planning goes a long way in creating consistent postings.
  • Book Nook: Learn more about three new books via interviews with the authors.
  • Hot Picks: A guide to new products and supplies your customers will want.
  • Digital Decluttering: Focus on what’s important and remove the distractions.
  • Free-to-Use Pattern: Be inspired by Beverly McCullough’s fresh take on vintage motifs and enjoy Pinwheel Crossings, this issue’s Free-to-Use Pattern.
  • Online Resources: Take advantage of the many resources on our website.

Products From This Issue

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