Each issue of American Quilt Retailer contains a FREE-to-use pattern. These are not free patterns and they are not copyright free. American Quilt Retailer holds the copyright to each of the FREE-to-use patterns. Subscribing retailers pay for permission to use these patterns by purchasing a subscription.

The American Quilt Retailer FREE-to-use patterns are designed to be a sales tool to help subscribers sell more product. They are a very a popular feature in the magazine and we enjoy supplying the patterns with your shop’s success in mind.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about American Quilt Retailer’s FREE-to-use patterns. If you think of any other questions — please ask! We want to continue to offer this feature, and want the patterns to work to suit your needs.

  • Can I photocopy and reproduce these patterns?
    Yes! As a subscriber you have paid American Quilt Retailer for permission to reproduce the FREE-to-use patterns for your shop’s promotional purposes.
  • Can I give the patterns away?
    Yes! You may give them to your customers as a gift, a bonus or as a sales incentive.
  • Can I sell the patterns individually?
  • Can I sell the pattern wholesale to other retailers?
    NO. They may subscribe to American Quilt Retailer and pay for permission to use the pattern.
  • Can I kit the patterns?
    Yes! You may kit fabric for the FREE-to-use patterns and include the pattern inside the kit.
  • Can I teach the pattern?
    Yes! You may use the pattern for a class or demo. Some patterns will even help sell notions and other tools.
  • Can I put the pattern in my shop newsletter?
    Yes! You may print the patterns in your newsletter that is mailed to your customers.
  • Can I put the pattern on my Web site?
    NO. You may not publish the pattern on your Web site. This diminishes the value of the pattern for American Quilt Retailer subscribers in other locations.
  • Can I put the line drawing of the pattern on my Web site and say “pattern free with Web order?”
    Yes! This is a great way to use the pattern as a sales incentive.
  • Can I retype or reformat the pattern?
    NO. American Quilt Retailer goes to great lengths to make sure these patterns are attractively presented and accurate.
  • Can I put my shop’s name as a reference on the patterns before I give them away?
    Yes! This is a wonderful idea! Your shop will be known as the source for the pattern. And in fact, as space allows, we intentionally leave space on each pattern for you to place logo and shop contact information.
  • Do I have to leave the copyright information on the bottom of each page of the pattern?
    Yes! The American Quilt Retailer patterns are not copyright-free, and the copyright information must remain on each pattern to prevent misuse.
  • Can I give my copy of the pattern to my guild president to publish in the guild’s newsletter?
    NO. First, the guild is not a shop that has paid American Quilt Retailer for the right to use the patterns. Secondly, this will not help you sell your fabric.
  • Can I change the size of the project — larger or smaller — and how do I communicate the changes?
    If you think your customers would prefer a different size, please do not change the text of our pattern. Please type an addendum detailing your changes, and attach this to each pattern.
  • What does the statement “It is intended for your (the consumer’s) personal use and may not be used for any commercial purposes,” that is printed on the bottom of each pattern mean?
    This means that your customer cannot violate the copyright. She can’t reprint the pattern to sell or give it away, and she can’t make multiple copies of the project to sell wholesale or at craft sales.
  • Will American Quilt Retailer ever offer the patterns in color?
    No, probably not for now. The purpose for the layout black and white is so you can use your fabric in your sample to sell your fabric. I want you to be creative. With the magazine in color, you can now view the American Quilt Retailer sample on the previous page to see how the project will look in color.
  • Can I include a color photo of our shop sample with the pattern?
    Yes! Your customers will want it like they see it, and you can sell your fabric to go with the pattern.

Have fun with American Quilt Retailer’s FREE-to-use patterns!