Creative Retailer: April 2023 Issue

This spring has taken on an entirely new form of spring cleaning. It was time to really dive into shaking up my store, Hen & Chicks Studio. After visiting multiple malls and shops over spring break, I walked away with the desire to remove clutter and simplify what we’re offering for sale. Why? Because it’s overwhelming to me and to my customers.

We’re used to our surroundings because we’re living in our shops, but try to look at your shop as if you’re visiting for the first time. Is it clear what your customer is supposed to be looking
at? It’s OK to have white space and empty spaces. Think of those spaces as places for your “
eyes to rest. When I walked back into the shop after our break, I noticed we’d hung four quilts side by side, literally touching each other. My eyes couldn’t move easily from one quilt to another.

The shake-up continued behind the scenes. When working with my financial adviser, Jacob Curtis, we clearly identified that we have more inventory than necessary for the sales we’re making. I can sell the same amount with less inventory. So, out with the old. If after 12 months I’ve sold only one-quarter of a yard on a bolt, it’s never going to sell. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is!

I dug into my inventory and identified kits, fabric bundles and yardage that all needed to go. We just completed the sale, and it’s been wonderful. Of course we didn’t move all the discounted merchandise, but we’re brainstorming ways we can use the leftovers for other projects.

This effort has resulted in a store that feels more open and fresh. It still is full and inspiring, but just a little cleaner and less crowded.

What can you do in your store to shake it up?

Table of Contents

  • Color on Your Sales Floor
  • Make Time for Executive Retreats
  • From Fleece to Fashion
  • Documenting Your Processes
  • Find Your Financial Freedom
  • Hot Picks
  • Materials Matter
  • 5 Hot Display Strategies
  • Take the Guesswork out of Social Media Planning
  • ‘Free’ Images on the Internet
  • Avoid Outspending Your Revenue

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