Covid19 Resources for Creative Retailers

How is your shop responding to the covid19 pandemic? AQR invites you to join discussions with host Heidi Kaisand as we all work together through this unprecedented time for small business owners.

Keep the Conversations Happening

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We’ve also recently met with a few of our trusted Business Experts to dig in deep: here are recordings from these meet-ups:

March 26, 2020: Heidi Kaisand and Tom Shay: Where Are we Headed?

Heidi Kaisand and Tom Shay discuss cash flow and other business topics related to how small businesses are handling this world-wide pandemic.

Heidi Kaisand and Tom Shay: Where Are we Going?

March 17, 2020: Heidi Kaisand and Gwen Bortner: Working Through the Pandemic

Heidi Kaisand and Gwen Bortner team up to offer tips and suggestions for handling the COVID-19 pandemic in your small business. 

Heidi Kaisand and Gwen Bortner: Working Through the Pandemic

Looking for more?

The small business community is full of great resources. In this episode of the Shining Bright podcast from Marji Alaniz, Marji discusses the current state of affairs for small businesses of all kinds with Daniel Winegarden, Lead Faculty at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses in Iowa.

Dive into learning what will make your business stronger during this pandemic with retailer Tom Shay, as he educates, inspires and motivates us in this presentation sponsored by American Quilt Retailer. 

AQR has also worked with Gwen Bortner to assemble a free resource on running your business more efficiently and effectively, especially for this time. Check it out below.