2020 Market Blue Bag: RNK Distributing

What has Quilters Select® and RNK Distributing® been doing for its Independent Retailers during Shutdown?

The recent health crisis has caused many stores to be closed as non-essential, but our independent retailers who carry our Quilters Select products have always been essential to us.

That’s why for our Independent Retailers whose stores have been shutdown, we have introduced CreateWithQuiltersSelect.com!

An online shopping portal where every purchase supports a local store with their share of the transaction!

An order cannot be completed with the customer entering their local Store Name!

This portal gives YOUR customers access to all NEW Quilters Select products and specials, designed by Alex Anderson and RNK!

If this is what RNK Distributing does for Independent Retailers that are closed, don’t you want to see what we can do for your store when its open?

This online portal is only a temporary, yet necessary step to support our Independent Retailers, and we already have plans to drive customers back INTO your stores once they open again and we Rebound from the Shutdown!

Call RNK Distributing today TOLL FREE at (877) 331-0034 to inquire about becoming a Quilter Select Dealer today!