2020 Market Blue Bag: American Quilt Retailer

American Quilt Retailer is pleased to offer two great resources for your shop from trusted Business Experts Kizer and Bender:

5 Ways to Make Your Store Visible During the COVID-19 Shutdown

If we have learned anything during the COVID-19 shutdown it’s that you must work hard to stay in front of customers. Just because your brick and mortar store is closed, it doesn’t mean that you can wait it out. Just the opposite. Now is the time to get in your customers faces and stay there. Download this free .pdf to learn how.

How Should Retailers Read the Mixed Reopening Messages?

Reopening guidelines for states, communities, and sometimes towns right next to one another have different rules. Advice from consultants is all over the place. One suggested retailers remove all merchandise from the sales floor and set up a show room featuring a sample of each item instead. We wondered if this particular consultant had ever stepped foot in an actual stock room? But there are definitely changes to be made as retailers prepare to reopen – use this checklist to help make sure you’re taking the right steps.