Free-to-Use Patterns

FREE-to-Use Patterns

Current Pattern: Slices of Citrus by Jill Abeloe Mead

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If you are a current subscriber to American Quilt Retailer you may request a PDF file of our FREE-to-use pattern. This will allow you to print better quality copies from your computer without making photocopies. Remember, the patterns may not be placed on your website. Be sure to read the “Permission to Reprint” below, and call if you have any further questions regarding the use of American Quilt Retailer’s FREE-to-use patterns.


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Permission to Reprint
The FREE-to-use patterns in American Quilt Retailer are designed for shop owners to use for promotional purposes. You have permission to reprint these patterns with the following qualifications: Complete copyright information must remain on each pattern when it is reproduced. You have permission to include copies of these patterns in kits, use them to teach a class, or give them away for “good will” to your customers. You have permission to print these patterns in your shop newsletter. You do not have permission to repackage these patterns for any wholesale use. You do not have permission to give any other group or individual permission to reprint this pattern. You do not have permission to reproduce these patterns on the Internet. Permission for any other form of reprinting must be received from the publisher. Thank you in advance for your compliance.


Pattern Archives

We are in the process of creating a password protected site for shop owners to access all previously published FREE-to-Use patterns. Please check back soon for an update!


Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about American Quilt Retailer’s FREE-to-use patterns.

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